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We make whiteboard, explainer, 2D and 3D animations as well as motion graphics for messages that matter. The team is split into a focus on what changes minds, inspires action, and an art focus on what makes for interesting, engaging visual story telling.


Our organizational chart looks less like a pyramid and more like a brain. Creative thinkers and problem solvers on equal footing sharing ideas and responsibility as a network. Flexibly applying our strengths to craft messages that change beliefs and move viewers to action.


We love sharing the psychology, heuristics, composition or other design rationale behind our decisions, because our goal is to be the best part of your job. The process of creation should always have opportunities for fun and inspiration, as well as to grow and learn.


We are an all Canadian team with ethics at our core. Whether in who we hire, how we treat each other, how we share profits, which clients and messages we serve or how much money we donate or take home. Needless to say, we are an equal opportunity employer, more than that we stand for equity and justice throughout society.


We believe that every decision has power, and brings with it responsibility to do good in the world. Balance and kindness are more important than ambition and growth. Together we are greater than we are on our own.