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Diving deeper

Why us?


You get creative storytellers focused on creating one-of-a-kind video odysseys that drive results for our clients.


Always searching for new ways to tell visual stories to fuel your creative voyage and diversify your video marketing portfolio.


Each adventure is custom original artwork that builds brand recognition and increases engagement.


Video Styles

Open the map, let's chart a course!

Concept Development

 A 60 minute exploration process.  It's summed up in a two page Foundation Report.  This outlines what the video needs to achieve and maps how we will get there. 


Script Development

We now know what to say and how to say it. Your team or ours develops the first draft of the script. Then we bounce it back and forth until it's ready.


Story Boarding

The storyboard is an early peak at the video that pairs still images with the script.  You can choose from a list of styles or we can make a new style just for you.


Audio Production

You tell us what you want the voice to sound like.  We find the right fit.

Video Production

You already know what will be said, how it will sound and exactly how the images will look, so now we just make the video.


At this point you offer us revisions, changes to timing and tweaks to the video to add that final polish.

Your stunning video is done!

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

We’ve embarked on over a hundred adventures with companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s


Aaron Barth 
Dialectic Solutions

 What is incredibly valuable about Hello Adventure is their contribution to clarifying our core message that, as we've come to learn, ultimately drives the success of our communication and learning campaigns.

Rick Stear

Algodon Group

I’m pleasantly surprised at how well an animated piece like this can convey our message.  It really works for our concept, and I attribute that to your careful consideration to the styling.

Melissa Potwarka, Msc
Family Health Promotion Manager


What stood out the most was the time dedicated in the early stages to truly understand the complex and challenging social issues that our project works to address.


Still have some questions?

Email us or pick the phone and give us an old fashioned ring.    

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  Tel: 519-820-9457

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