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Hello Adventure works closely with businesses and advertising agencies crafting interesting videos that drive viewer behaviour through 2D and 3D animation, often with focus on integrating live video with animation. 

We create carefully realized worlds and engaging characters. Our work gives life to ideas by providing a voice, body, gestures and emotion to the stories we tell. The true value of our work lies in storytelling.

Hello Adventure is a marriage of the creative mind of Dave Willekes with the marketing strategy mind of Devin Smith.  We understand media and communications, and build our work around your strategic goals.

We work as a part of your team, as specialists bringing richness and depth to your production, whether it is children’s animation, explainer videos, whiteboard explainers, character or effects animations, motion graphics, schematic visualizations, employee training tools, advertisements, or avant-garde experimental visuals.

Our digital factory can bring any idea to life. Imaginations and technical expertise combine to launch compelling, communicative and beautiful projects for our clients. Building on experience in the fine arts, we use the latest software and technology to blend traditional and digital media to consistently produce high quality work.


At Hello Adventure we take particular pride in distinguishing ourselves by our strength in conveying narrative and key messages with strikingly original kinetic and static imagery.

Character Design

We specialize in creating characters for animation. Our characters are emotive and believable, moving, breathing, feeling and always making meaningful connections with audiences.

3D Animation

Much of our animation work is three dimensional, with a strong sense of space, form, light and location. We create dynamic characters set in motion, within meticulously modeled scenes, brought together by impactful lighting, camera work and editing.


We can quickly render storyboard frames so you can better visualize your video or film production.

2D Animation

Our 2D animation provides high-impact visuals in many categories; from children’s videos, to data visualization, to corporate and instructional videos.


We work in pencil, ink, paint, and at times, even coffee and wine, to give your editorial content strong visual support.
We specialize in combining ‘real’ video and computer generated content into seamless composited animations. This type of animation is often used for visualization projects or documentary productions.
Using today's latest software we can bring your ideas and concepts to life through our modeling process.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help your next creative project.

3D Modeling

Mixed Media

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