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What Is Snackable Content?


Snackable media are bit sized videos and infographics that deliver a message or a call to action in seconds. Snacks are ideal for mobile audiences and are used to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.


Snackable content are an excellent opportunity for those already producing a longer video with us.  Snacks are also great for those looking to diversify their video marketing strategy with content that is short, sweet and adventurous.


Customized, brand inspired GIFs that are incredibly useful for blogs, social media posts and email campaigns. They are a great marketing tool that can catch the eye, highlight emotions, provide humour, or simply break up content. Click the still images below to see them come to life.



Animated infographics that provide your clients with the stats that will turn customer curiosity into purchases. We bring infographics to life by packaging them into 5-second animated videos that grab the viewer's attention and ends with info that can influence purchasing decisions.


10-40 second teaser shortened versions of videos or super short stand alone animations. Offered at lower cost to clients working with us on a longer videos these eye-catching teasers excite and direct viewers to your long-form video.


6-seconds of original animation. YouTube, Facebook and Google have introduced six-second bumper ads to their platform. These ads can’t be skipped and establish brand awareness with a quick customized animation that can direct traffic to your online campaign, website or landing page.  



The addition of motion to an existing illustration/photo. These are an incredibly effective way to stand out on social media timelines. Provide us with a photo or illustration and we will it bring it to life by adding motion that will stop audiences from scrolling on by.  

Need more than a snack?

If you have a case of the marketing munchies and need more than a snack then this is the option for you. We offer discounts on three or more snackable videos. The more snacks you choose the more you save! If you are looking for a constant stream of content talk to us about subscribing.  For more information get in touch and we'll give you an estimate on how much you can save with your own customized plan. 

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